Fitting a 12 volt power outlet
by Arno (NL)

Fitting a 12v power's quite simple.
What you need:

  • One car cigar lighter
  • An on/off switch
  • A fuse holder
  • One 7.5 or 10amp fuse
  • A thick red wire, about 150cm (5ft) long
  • A black wire, about 30cm long
  • Plastic connectors
  • One small ring connector to attach the wire to the battery

Undo the five screws holding the front panel: two on the dash board, two in the side boxes and one at the front wheel under the beam light.
Then detach the front unit downwards completely, and pull the light unit plug.
Stow the unit at a safe place, so you won't damage it. Unfortunately, I know how important this is.

Determine where you want your new power outlet. Use a pencil to mark that spot. Mine is in the right side box, which one doesn't use, anyway. There, it sits nicely away from foul weather and wrong people's eyes.
Once you completed this step, drill a hole where you want the switch, and drill several small holes in a circle where you want the outlet. Then use a dremel to size this hole properly.

Of course, even better is using a drill of exactly the right size.

First, attach the red wire to the cigar lighter's plus, then to the switch's plus and from there towards the battery. Most convenient is to lead the wire under the front panel and through the already available hole into the battery compartment. This requires removing the lowest panels, though.

Then place the fuse holder onto the wire, and attach the other side of the wire to the battery's plus.

Do NOT YET place the fuse into the holder!!!

Next, connect the black wire to the lighter's Minus and attach the other end to one the the screws somewhere in the vinvinity.
Attention! Make sure that this screw goes directly into the scooter's frame!
Don't lead the black wire to the battery. Well, you can, but it isn't necessary.

Once done, you place the fuse into the holder.

Test and finished!
Before mounting the panels again, you will want to test your new power outlet, and see whether or not all other functions still work properly. Then mount the panels: the bottom screw at the beam lights is to be attached lastly.

Job finished! Have fun using your new power outlet!