Here are the items I presented to my dealer:

  1. Service (11,300km; last service 7,200km)
    - Probably vario weight rollers. The scooter 'dips' at 50km/h and revs decrease. Then it continues to top speed, which is 5km/h lower than usual now.
    - V-belt was changed last at 4,500km, as well as the air filters. Spark plug was changed at 7.200km

    Result: It feels very well again. The dealer returned the old spark plug to me, as well as the old V-belt and roller weights (16x13, 8.5 gramms). These were all replaced. I don't know whether or not he replaced the air filter elements. As soon as he sends me the invoice (he only sends out invoices once a week) I will have a better overview of the replaced parts and then I will update this report.

    Update August 13: The invoice lists following items.
    1. Labour 2.5 hours: EUR 100.00
    2. Parts (items not separately specified): 1 variator plate, 1 roller set, 1 used bendix, 1 V-belt, cardan-oil, 2-stroke oil, 1 spark plug CPR8E: EUR 106.00
    3. Environment contribution: EUR 3.40
    4. Small materials: EUR 2.00
    5. V.A.T. 19%: EUR 33.75
    So, no air filters.
    Now, I just wonder: where does an Elystar 50cc need cardan oil?

  2. Sometimes, not always, the engine doesn't start electrically.
    Works like this:
    - turn the ignition key (all lights switch on normally, ignition unit is audible)
    - operate the left lever and push start button. The starting engine is slightly audible but the scooter engine appears to stay silent and not cooperate. After two or three attempts, the engine starts properly.
    - probably there's an engine fault. This should be visible in the diagnose software error overview.

    Result: a spring inside the starting engine was broken, and as a result a freewheel wore out badly. The bendix had to be replaced. At first, the dealer wanted me to pay for it, but when I mentioned the magic word "warranty", he nodded and scratched it from the list. Unfortunately, he had to keep the old part, so I don't have a picture of it.
    The dealer also checked the error message display: there were no messages. ("Of course", he said, "mechanical problems don't show up in the message display").

  3. I was told that a new version of the Elystar software is available.
    If that's the case, would you please remove the old software and install the new version? Other Elystar owners tell me that, as a result, idling is much smoother and fuel consumption will be considerably less.

    Result: none. This dealer couldn't figure out how to get the new software loaded, and also claimed that a PC was needed first. He didn't have a notebook handy.
    I think it's about time I go and find another dealer who has a bit more experience with Elystars.

  4. Peugeot called Elystars back for a modification.
    If I'm not mistaken, this is about a rubber cover for the ECU, and a check or replacement of the fuel hoses. Would you please perform these actions?

    Result: done "according to Peugeot's instructions", he said.