Here are the items I asked the dealer to solve listed:

  1. Please, perform the 5,000 km procedure

    Result: I must assume that it was done properly. The dealer said he cleaned (not changed) the spark plug and air filter element.

  2. Performance decreased: the top speed is 8 km/h lower than it used to be, acceleration is pretty bad, and the engine appears to vibrate between 50 and 60 km/h.

    Result: the dealer replaced the vario roller weights. He showed me the old ones, and they were flattened. The dealer was surprised that this happened already after 4000 kms. On my way home from the dealer, everything was pretty good again! All performance problems have been solved, even though the scooter feels a little slower than 1000 km ago.

  3. The front wheel appears to come in contact with something: once on every full revolution of the wheel, I hear a short squeaky sound, possibly from the front break.

    Result: none. It's still there.

  4. Idle engine runs rough: although the engine never dies, it doesn't remain at a constant revs level when the scooter is running idle. It has been like this from the first day on.

    Result: none. It's still the same.

  5. Squeaky sound when applying the brakes: applying cupper grease hasn't had any effect yet, and when other Elystar riders received new brake pads, that didn't correct the problem either. Is there anything else you could do?

    Result: the dealer didn't have any other options. He claimed that the brakes did not squeak when he performed a test ride. Anyway, on my way home they still squeaked loudly.

  6. Metal sound from the engine: also from Day-1, there's a noise from the engine as if two rotating metal parts touch each other very slightly. Is this OK, or is something wrong? Other Elystars don't have this.

    Result: the dealer acknowledges hearing this high metal-like pitch. He claims, that this is caused by the compressor slightly touching some other part. He said he wouldn't know what to do about it.