Problem junction

This is the trajectory I'm riding from work back to my home town on a daily basis. You saw the picture of the road, the traffic lights and the bicycle track on the other side of the junction at the Log-page. Here it is again:

Now, let's take a closer look. Let's pass the traffic light (as if it was green) and go towards the bicycle lane which is hidden behind the traffic light pole:

It's ovious now, that the street train (or 'tram', as we call them) will cross the road from left to right. We, the scooterists, will have to cross that track on our way to the narrow parallel lane.
It is not too clear to distinguish a bicyclist track coming from the right. The tram driver must be alerted. So, the city council decided two weeks ago to put some blocks onto the road and plant a stop sign right into the middle of...where I'll be riding!

This is a serious hazard on my way to the northern part of Amsterdam. These blocks have a one-inch height (2.5cm) as you can see on the next picture. How stupid must one be not to realize that scooter riders will definitely come off their vehicles, especially in this type of rainy weather, when hitting these blocks?