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Re: The Gameboy software.

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: Hi all.

Hi Sean

: Does anyone here has an ability to sell me the "Gameboy software"?.

This is one of the most often asked questions I get by e-mail. The short answer is: no.

: The US distributor "Cycle world" has been vanished and it looks like I am the only one who has Peugeot bike in California.

Hmmm...I get several e-mails from Peugeot riders in the US, who are desperate now that Peugeot has withdrawn from the States.
Perhaps I should suggest contacting the Mexican Peugeot importer.

- Mexico:

: I have a Paypal account and willing to pay a little extra.

At least in Europe, the Elystar software is issued to authorized dealers who completed a workshop/course at Headquarters in France, only. These dealers are not allowed (and generally not willing) to offer their software to others. I am not aware of any consumer in possession of this software.
posted by Erick at 15 Oct 2006 04:03

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