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Re: The Satelis compared to the Elystar

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: First off,

Thanks for this comparison, Stephen. Sounds like you picked a nice scooter.

: The fuel tank is also much larger, which is nice since I was fed up filling up with 6 litres every other day...

Now, that's a good point for those who commute. You don't want to fuel up every other day, and I bet you'd ride a diesel if it was available as a scooter.

: The boot space is much larger (and is opened remotely).

Why would anyone want to open a boot remotely?
It reminds me of the "eject CD" button on a HiFi remote control unit. What's that good for?

: The security chain is not the Boa, but an Abus one, which is stowed in the boot but has it's own special fitting.

Do you have to remove that chain and fit it, then get it off and stow it aain? Doesn't it simply get pushed back into the panels like the Ely's boa?

: The glovebox is much larger and has a 12v socket in it.

Now, that's a good plus! Although a socket INSIDE a glove box seems odd. How would you plug in a GPS unit or an intercom cable?

: There is also the option of a pull-out cover to keep the seat dry when parked.

Wow! I've never seen such a feature, but it makes a lot of sense.

: The screen is much bigger, but the combination of the bigger screen and my crash helmet is not a happy one: I am getting much more wind noise than before.

The screen is not adjustable, I suppose? Do you get any buffeting on your back?
Although I suppose you don't look through the screen when riding (if so, get rid of it right away), you may still want a smaller one. Are there any smaller screen models available for the Satelis?

: Finally, and most important, Erick. There is only a choice of 2 colours for the 250 Exec, silver or black. The black is striking, but I chose silver as I think it looks better overall.

Excellent. So you not only have the fastest colour, but the one for the laziest scooter cleaners as well.

: Unfortunately, there is no blue or bright red, or any other "fast" colours. Shame!

There's no faster colour than silver! :-)

OK, Stephen. Now, let's have your first pictures!
[Meanwhile, keep the rubber parts on the road, will you?]
posted by Erick at 20 Mar 2007 09:37

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