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Re: My Elystar 150 for sale (UK)

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: Ok, I have now been without my Elystar for a week, and am starting to get used to the Satelis.
: First off, as it is a bigger bike, there is no 50cc, and the range (so far) extends up to 250cc - this is what I have. Otherwise the equipment on my Executive is mostly what you get on the 125/150 Elystars: ABS brakes, security chain, good boot, glovebox, comfy seat, and a "grown-up" style rather than looking like a teenager's moped. Hazard lights, side and centre-stands, and main light "flash" button are all there, too. The fuel tank is also much larger, which is nice since I was fed up filling up with 6 litres every other day...
: So, it's like the Elystar but bigger, then? Well yes. The boot space is much larger (and is opened remotely). The security chain is not the Boa, but an Abus one, which is stowed in the boot but has it's own special fitting. The glovebox is much larger and has a 12v socket in it. The headlamps are impressive. I thought the Ely's was good, but this is way beyond! There are twin lamps, 1 dipped, 1 main. When the main is lit, the dipped stays on, which is very helpful.
: There is more, though. There is another - not lockable - stowage on the handlebars, big enough for sunglasses, a cloth, etc. There is also the option of a pull-out cover to keep the seat dry when parked. Also optional is a remote control "plip" to open the boot without the key.
: To ride, it is of course much faster than my 150cc Elystar. It is less nimble, but feels more stable. The ride is good, but a little firmer than the Ely. The screen is much bigger, but the combination of the bigger screen and my crash helmet is not a happy one: I am getting much more wind noise than before.
: Finally, and most important, Erick. There is only a choice of 2 colours for the 250 Exec, silver or black. The black is striking, but I chose silver as I think it looks better overall. Unfortunately, there is no blue or bright red, or any other "fast" colours. Shame!
: If anyone has any questions on the Satelis in general, or how it compares to the Ely - fire away!
posted by anonymous at 19 Aug 2010 15:36

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