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My Elystar 150 for sale (UK)

Well, here we are, then. The faithful Elystar is now up for grabs, following the placing of an order for a Satelis 250.

Mileage is high at 28k, but it has a full history and was serviced just a couple of weeks ago, so is in good shape. Condition overall is very good indeed, with a couple of scrapes on the exhaust, one low down on the n/side and the tail of the "R" in Elystar missing on the name badge on the n/side also. Tax until August, and no MOT since it is not yet 3yrs old. Everything works as it should.

The scoot can be viewed in London or Essex by appt, and all I am asking is a pitiful 725ono. It'll be going up on eBay and elsewhere before long, so now's the chance to get in early.

Call 07845032644 for more info.
posted by stephen c at 26 Feb 2007 22:03

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