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Re: Operating Instructions for Elystar

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: : Hi Sorry, yes, it's the 125 and the dutch version of the user manual would be great - to garyp@pangy101.plus.com please.
: Your copy of the user manual would greatly help please if you would be good enough to send it as soon as possible - I need to find out the locations of things like the dip stick, brake fluid reservoir etc., etc., Dank u

Very sorry, but I don't have it. As I wrote to 'Tangent' by email, I'm just a former Ely-50 owner. I do have a copy of the Owner's Manual of that scooter, but it's quite different from a 4-stroke larger Elystar.

Perhaps you should try your luck at eBay or your national Peugeot importer. The latter may be able to help directly.
posted by Erick at 3 Mar 2009 19:07

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