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Update of Lady Ely

Well today my lovely Lady Ely 125 went for a few nips and tucks and a bit of mechanical surgery. I just bought her 4 days ago sleek and pretty but somewhat poorly. Anyway today I left her in the hands of the Moby Dick bike Mechanics and included what I thought was wrong 9am I said my goodbyes got a call at 3pm saying Lady Ely was ready. Sceptical I go to fetch her Service was done her second ever service in her 7 year life bless her clutch was skimmed and new washers fitted ( she was juddering bad before ) and had her exhaust welded. A very tramatic ordeal for her so I bought her some new handlebar ends in black. WOW is she a new girl she starts like a dream and rides wonderful, before was a cough and splutter and the auto clutch wasn't good rode her home 65mph very very impressed. Lady Ely 125 will be back to 100% former glory I will book her in for new exhaust and a new drive belt let me just say the mechanics have worked their magic and Lady Ely purrs like a happy cat and she rides beautiful
posted by Ely125 at 17 Nov 2010 23:27

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