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Ely has been converted to carburetor

Hello here I am again
Ely has been converted to carburetor
Remove a cylinder cap
2 replace it by beating pet
3 Remove old manifolds
4 place new carburetor manifold to confirm
5 remove the fuel pump Electro
6 closes on the wire Electra old petrol pump, choke
7 shows the injection Gashuis connected
ECU computer, which regulates inflammation via
Become a bit of a puzzle needs some gas valve position
Remember to close air hose
Put scooter back together and drive off
Everything takes quite some time and patience
Ask here Dealer 700 for conversion
It took me about 3 days that is worth 700
Fonetisch lezen
Woordenboek - Gedetailleerd woordenboek weergeven
posted by Theo at 24 Feb 2011 00:59

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