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Re: Upgrades?

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: Been running my ely for 5 months and has 14,000 miles on the clock and was just wondering if there are any common problems which pop up with ely's?

Hi and welcome,
If you are talking about the 50TSDI, then the fuel system would be first candidate (fule hose, membrane).
Otherwise, sometimes smaller problems occur, like squealing brakes, brake cable hitting the front plastic, and occasional speed indicator problems.

: Also what are reccomended performance upgrades such as styling,handling and performance but as it's a tsdi injection i'm limited on engine improvements.

On a 50TSDI, all you can do is remove the speed limiter on the front vario. Your Ely should be able to reach 65-70kmh (perhaps 75kmh on the display).
For handling, many dutch Ely riders recommend the ML50 tires (increase the back size by one).
For style...hey, it's a scooter! All up to you.
posted by anonymous at 22 Apr 2011 07:02

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