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Re: Elystar '05 instrument problem!

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: Hi users...

Hi Leslie

: Will it help to change the drive?

Since you mention two problems at the same time, I doubt that it's the drive alone. Still, it could be one of the problems, though.

My first thing would be to check the error messages from the ECU. How to do that has been explained in a thread on this forum at http://elystar.ardane.com/forumint/forumint.php3?thread=452e7e14e26a0&parent=threads&post=452e7e14e26a0

Also, believe it or not, riders have reported, that a defective odometer was 'repaired' by taking the cables off the battery for a full night, then attaching them and turning the key.
posted by Erick at 5 May 2011 19:46

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