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Re: Elystar '05 instrument problem!

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: : So, you first want to find out which fault codes are actually still valid. ... Have it run for several minutes, then switch off.
: : Read the fault codes again, and see which ones are fresh.
: Is how many minuttes should the scooter run? can I drive it while "updating"

Those are good questions. Perhaps someone else knows exactly.

I'm not a mechanic, Leslie.
In this case, I would just let the scooter engine run for 30 seconds or a minute (that should be more than sufficient) and not ride the Elystar during that time.
Then read the fault codes. Write them down.
Then ride the scooter for a couple of minutes and read the fault codes again: this should give you a good idea of the fault codes that already exist when idle, and the ones that apparently occur during the ride. Btw: I expect no additional fault codes to appear during the ride.

If those codes don't give a decent clue about what to change or repair, then I'm afraid I've run out of ideas.
posted by Erick at 6 May 2011 17:06

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