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Elystar '05 instrument problem!

Hi users...

Hope you can Be of much help!.

I bougHt a cheap elystar with a speedometer malfunction.

The speedometer drive has broKen aNd has been "fixed" with a strip but the seller said that since he bought it it hasn't worked..

Now my prob. is that nieghter THE speedoMeter nortHe Lcd display works (see video).

Nothing comes ON the Lcd and when driving the speedometer Doesn't respond at aLL.

Maybe one has tO do with the3 other.

Will it help to change the drive?

I've just changed the battery to a 5 amp one, and a suddently the lcd bEeped aND said "total 7" but it dissappeared when I tuned on the scooter.

what can be wroNg and how do I fIx?

Any simmilar probs?

Kind regards

posted by Leslie at 5 May 2011 18:55

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