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Elystar brake conversion

Hi, first time post I hope someone knows the diameter of the rear master brake cylinder because I am getting frustrated by the brake system failure. Here's the story: I have a 2007 Elystar with ABS powerer combined brakes. The central unit with the sevro and ABS has failed at 50.000 km. Considering that a new unit is four figure expensive I decided to bypass it and connect the front/rear brake pumps directly to the front/rear calipers. The front is working fine but the rear is utterly underpowered. My assumption is that since it used to be a powered system, the master cylinder was way small in diameter and perhaps I should exchange that with a pump from a non ABS Elystar 125. However before I go and spend even more euros (in short supply) does enyone know if my assumption is correct? Anyone in the same predicament?
posted by Nick at 16 Mar 2013 07:18

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