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elystar 125 loss of power when hot

My new bike has an issue. It's a 2003 elystar 125 efi with 5000 miles on the clock. When it's cold it seems to have good acceleration and top end speed. When it gets to its running temp of 80 degrees after around 15 mins, the acceleration drops off quite noticeably and it struggles to reach its top speed on a length of road it can do when cold. It feels like a 50cc on the slightest incline or hill, if you go down hill then onto flat road it maintains its top speed fine but if you start from stationary on a flat road it struggles to get to that same speed.
The engine sounds the same hot or cold, I have checked gap of spark plug which seems fine, it was also a nice brown tint to it. I checked value clearances when it was cold and apart from a quick adjustment of inlet the gaps were almost bang on.
Checked air filter which was fine, a bit of oil in bottom of air filter housing I noticed but put my finger in intake which was bone dry.
A biker friend had a look at it and thinks it sounds fine, but he had a go hot and cold and noticed a difference.
He did say that when decelerating he felt the clutch not disengaging till very last moment and felt like he was fighting slowing down to a stop, but as he hadn't rode autos didn't know if its sposed to be like that? It does that hot or cold. I know what he means and I haven't felt it on any other auto scooters I've owned but never had a peugeot. Its as if theirs a delay of clutch disengaging when you let off throttle completly and from 20 mph to zero. It feels like your braking and pulling throttle at same time.

just wondering what next to check/inspect, like I say when its cold performance is fine.
posted by ade at 16 Jun 2014 22:53

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