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elystar 50 tsdi speedfight 100 engine

hi havent been on here before but im the latest owner of my blue elystar......now if this question has been asked i opologise in advance will a speedfight 100 engine bolt straight on the tsdi chassis.i understand i will have to swop other bits cdi.immiob etc which isnt a problem but i just wandered if it would physically fit...if so then surely the gilera 125 172 conversion bracket for speedfight would fit...has anybody done this?oh and before the old cb gs z 70s old arses start bangin on about wait till im 17 and get a proper bike i did 25 years ago thanks......great bike by the way lost count of the speedfight tkrs and the like over the years.....elystar 100 percent better build way more solid and f#@KING HUGE compared to the speedys and the like
posted by dave at 4 Mar 2015 05:51

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